My Kind Of Music

by The Froggy Mountain Brothers

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My brother and I stumbled into bluegrass music by chance, more than ten years ago, coming from a place where no one had ever heard of it, and we never looked back. We got hooked from the very start, and listened to all the great pioneers, pretty much reliving bluegrass history in chronological order, from the first generation that started it all to today's traditionnal artists (some of whom we've been fortunate enough to meet and befriend).

Our second studio album, My Kind Of Music consists entirely of original songs, all written by one or both of us, and delivers the kind of traditional bluegrass we are so attached to. We believe it is a great showcase of our kind of music.



released July 30, 2018

Laurent Holliger: vocals, guitar
Robin Holliger: vocals, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass

Recorded in Moorea, French Polynesia

Cover photo taken in Greeswich, OH
Inside photo taken in Parsons, WV
Back photos taken in Mansfield, OH (upper) and Moorea (lower)




The Froggy Mountain Brothers Windward Islands, French Polynesia

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Track Name: My Kind Of Music
I went to buy an old banjo, in the usa
To play it like my father did, back in '78
As I went through the instruction book, it was bluegrass all the way
And I thought it's the kind of music, that I wanna play

That's the kind of music, that I was looking for
I didn't even realized I was searching anymore
That high lonesome sound got stuck into my mind
For that's the kind of music that I was looking for

My daddy taught me guitar, when I was a little boy
And when I had that banjo, it filled my heart with joy
But then I tried a mandolin, in the east of Tennessee
And I knew that's the instrument I love, that's the one for me

I didn't sang that much before, I found these melodies
But what a joy to sing these songs, with my brother in harmony
Be it lead or tenor, makes me smile when I sing
That's right ! It's my kind of music, bluegrass is my thing
Track Name: Holding To The Memory
I keep holding to the memory
Of the sweet love you gave me
And I dream that I'm still in your heart
Though you said that we had to part

All those memories of you, I can't take them off my mind
Though I know that we are through, I'm still blind
When you said we had to part, I could not believe my ears
So I just tried to hold back all my tears

When I saw you walk the street with a new love by your side
That's when I could barely keep myself from crying
Though I tried and tried again, I just can't forget the past
I think I hoped you wouldn't forget me so fast
Track Name: It Takes So Much
I thought I had shed all the tears in my body
When I learned that I'd see you no more
You know that I loved you more than anybody
It takes so much grieving to let someone go

Oh why can't I hear your voice anymore
And why must I walk through this world all alone
Oh why did you leave me when I needed you so
It takes so much grieving to let someone go

You know that it left such a pain in my heart
When you left me forever to part
I cried many times all alone in my home
It takes so much weeping to let someone go

I wish I had told you how much I love you
And not been so distant and cold
I wish I could hold you just like I used to
It takes so much loving to let someone know
Track Name: Tupa In Hiding
Track Name: No Longer On My Mind
I woke up this morning 'twas about half past nine
When I realized your memory was not on my mind

I'm free from the burden of your thought all the time
For I wake up no longer with you on my mind

It's been so many years since you left me alone
It is time that I finally move on my own

I was chained to your heart now I'm happy and free
I was blind as a bat dear but now I can see

Now I'll never forget you and your beauty sublime
But I no longer wake up with you on my mind
Track Name: Far Away From My Island
When I'm far far away from my island
Far from your eyes of blue
Dear I can't help but be a bit blue
When I'm far away from you

I travelled overseas for to make a bit of money
I worked so hard just to be with you
I will settle down my honey, oh my dear I will marry
I will spend my life along with you

I will come back soon and never more I'll roam
I will stay in my fenua, my home
For I love my country and I love you too
I can't live far from both of you

When I returned, jumping out of the plane
I was welcomed by a local music band
I kissed your hand and I kissed the sand
I will stay in my beautiful land
Track Name: Hindenburg
Have you heard about the great ship called the Hindenburg
Floating up in thin air with a hundred men on board
At thirty hundred feet up there across the ocean blue
It was the mightiest airship that the world ever knew

Hindenburg, oh Hindenburg
Many men have travelled on board the Hindenburg

It was the biggest airship that ever there have been
Eight hundred feet it was, the longest ever seen
With four big diesel engines, it cruised at sixty knots
And everybody thought that it was safe, but it was not

Hindenburg, oh Hindenburg
Many men have worked hard to build the Hindenburg

But one day it all ended for the mighty Hindenburg
As she was docking in New Jersey with a hundred men on board
The flames went high, the ship went down, and thirty-six people died
That spring day was the last day for the ship one-twenty-nine

Hindenburg, oh Hindenburg
Many men have perished inside the Hindenburg

Hindenburg, oh Hindenburg
That's how we remember the great ship Hindenburg
Track Name: Frog On A Log
Track Name: Swiss Christmas
In my pretty Switzerland when Christmas time comes
I hear the bells a-ringing and I want to sing along
So I go in the mountains and with a fellow Swiss
He plays guitar and I sing a pretty sound like this


When the snow’s a-falling down without a sound
And a white and cold cloak is covering the ground
We go out in the cold, he takes his mandolin
He plays a little tune and I go yodeling

On the night of Christmas Eve, around the chimney
We spend some time with our family
And soon enough our loved ones want us to sing
So I take a deep breath and my brother his mandolin

When the little children gather round the Christmas tree
To open up their presents, their eyes are filled with glee
But when the gifts are opened the family sits along
They gather ‘round the fireplace and sing this yodel song
Track Name: Put My Ring On Your Finger
Put my ring on your finger
Draw a smile on your face
Lay your head on my shoulder
Add my name to your name

The night when I met you my darling
The stars were all shining so bright
They almost seemed to smile as we waited for the light
And I knew my love would see me through the night

It's been a year now since we've been together
And since then my love has only grown
I want to keep you close and keep you from the cold
And forever with you watch the light of dawn
Track Name: You Built A Wall Around My Heart
Now darling I know we had to part
But did you have to be so hard
You built a wall around my heart
So no other one can play your part

Today I thought about you darling
About the love we had and shared
Why can't I find another darling
Another one who'd love and care

Now you don't love me anymore
I wish that I could say the same
I tried so hard to love once more
But I'm all alone to bear the shame

I heard you're happy with another
They say you're off to a new start
Now I'll just try to find a lover
To tear down the wall around my heart
Track Name: Snowflakes
Track Name: Tuned To Another Radio
Today I started loving you as I did long long ago
But I heard your heart is tuned to another radio
I wish I could go back in time and never let you go
But I guess I'll just pretend I am happy or you both

Now your heart is taken by another
It's too late now to pull you to the shore
I'll try to keep a smiling face and with him let you go
For it's clear your heart is tuned to another radio

When first we met it seemed that nothing in this whole wide world
Would ever make us part, as in the tales is told
Now that I'm back to loving you I wish it had been true
Though I know I should be glad that you found somebody new

Although my heart is hurting I will try to wish you joy
As now you talk of wedding another lucky boy
I will let you and your new love be I will try to let it go
And be glad your heart is tuned to another radio
Track Name: Goodbye, Nana
I traveled a long way far over the sea
And for a while I could see
My mother and daddy I cherish so dear
And I've got to go for another year

Goodbye, nana, goodbye, nana
Goodbye, my family, goodbye
Don't cry mother, don't cry father
We'll soon again be together

One month has passed since I came in our isle
And I see tears in your eyes
It's life, mother, I'll soon be with my brother
Far away from the tiare flower

The bound between us, daddy, mommy,
My dear brother and me
It's harder than iron, it's the power of love
The mightiest thing here or above

I had a great time but I have to go
Far away from our tahitian home
Please don't be sad for we'll keep in touch
And I love you very much